‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Slams Back at Trolls for Negative Comments on Her Daughter

Messer’s 10-year-old Aliannah Hope was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy in 2014

Leah Messer has not responded kindly to internet trolls who left some “despicable” and “sickening” comments on photos of her daughter Aliannah or Ali that she had shared on social media. The reality star tweeted that everyone should teach their kids that everyone is born with unique differences and that’s what makes each of us beautiful. She urged everyone to understand that being different doesn’t make us any less beautiful.

The post

Trolls were commenting on a photo posted by the Teen Moms 2 star on Instagram of her and her daughter Ali. Ali is an adorable little bean and looked positively cute with her glasses and Justice League tank top.



Ali had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2014 at the age of 4. It’s a rare genetic disease that causes loss of muscle mass due to a halt in protein production that is the main source of muscle development. This results in a weak body and delayed growth, and the person will always have difficulty in running and will be experiencing muscle pains from time to time. Leah had shared about this in her new memoir Hope, Grace, & Faith that she released in May this year.

Leah is currently spending quarantine time with her three daughters Ali, her twin sister Aleeah Grace, who shares with ex Corey Simmons and her third daughter Adalynn Faith, whom she shares sjth ex Jeremy Calvert.

Leah has also joined the popular platform Tik Tok and uploads herself and her daughters dancing. The twins looked grown up and have almost reached her height as they were seen dancing to Woah’s remix by Krypto9095 and D3MSreet.