Teen Mom 2 Star Leah Messer has the perfect comeback for the people posting negative comments about her 10 year old daughter Ali.

The 28 years old, Leah Messer came up with replies for the internet trolls that included rubbish comments on her photos. The photos was of her and Aliannah Faith, her 10 year old daughter. She took to twitter to reply on the comments that she said made her sick. She posted the tweet on 25 May, Monday.


The message started with a question that what kinda world are we living and raising our children in? She continued saying that we should teach our children that everyone is born with a unique quality that differs them from others. And that’s the most beautiful thing about us as individuals. There was a second post following this one. It said that everyone is different and that is the beauty of them.

The actress was replying to the trolling comments on the photos shared by her on Saturday, 23 May on Instagram. In the first snap shared by Leah, she and her smiling daughter was snuggling up. While the second one showed Leah showering a kiss on Ali’s cheek. Ali looked so cute in those pictures. She was wearing a tank top featuring Justice League and her brown curly hair was left open. She was also wearing her glasses. And the photos had a caption that read, that’s my girl.

When Ali was just 4 years of age she got diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. It a kind of a genetic disease that leads to losing muscle mass. It stops the formation of protein that develops muscle. And this makes the person weak. They aren’t able to run. Their growth rate delays and they get muscle pains also. Leah also has a memoir named Hope, Grace and Faith that reveals about her emotions regarding Ali’s health.