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Taylor Swift Might Have Dedicated Her Newest Song Dorothea For Someone Very Special !

The holiday season just got a whole lot better as singing sensation Taylor Swift gifted us yet another exciting new music album titled Evermore! The album is already creating a buzz among music lovers!

Did Taylor Swift Just Dedicate A Song To Her Girl Pal, Selena Gomez?

While Taylor Swift is known to pen down her personal experiences and feelings into soulful music, one such music track from the newest album might be about a close friend and we know who? It is none other than Selena Gomez!

Fans are pretty convinced that Taylor Swift’s newest release Dorothea is about her close girl pal Selena Gomez. Selena has been cheering for Taylor Swift for all these years and also praised her last big release Folklore as well. The two have been close friends for quite a while now. Taylor Swift has penned down a heartfelt note that talks about her newest music album and the significance behind it. Here’s the beautiful write-up posted by the singer. 

Some Are Suspecting The Song Is About Gigi Hadid- Zayn Malik’s Daughter!

The lyrics of the song are written evidently and have uncanny similarities with Selna Gomez. The song talks about communicating through a small screen, makeup line and also has a Wizard of Oz reference as well! Sounds familiar? All these things have a direct connection to Selena Gomez.

Moreover, fans are also speculating that Taylor Swift has also dedicated songs to her another girl pal Gigi Hadid as well! Some are coming up with theories that Dorothea is actually Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s daughter’s name! Well, we wonder what Taylor Swift have to say about both the assumptions made by fans. 

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