Tamar Braxton On The Wendy Williams Show In A Spanx Talking About Love, Drama And The Real Cat Fights

Reality star Tamar Braxton recently came on The Wendy Williams Show as a guest. And if you know Tamar, you know drama soon follows her appearances. This time was no exception. In fact, she created a scandal right the moment she came on the show.

Tamar entered the studio with nothing but a pair of Spanx and heels on her. While she looked beautiful, Wendy couldn’t help asking if the star had forgotten her dress somewhere?

It turns out; the outfit was an intentional power move. Tamar explained that she was dealing with insecurities about her body. And she was tired of not doing anything about it. So Tamar has sworn that that would be the last time she would ever wear shapewear.

Also, she will be taking part in a 30-day body transformation challenge too. Get your dream body, girl

The talk show host then enquired about her love life. Tamar is currently dating David Adefeso and by the looks of it, ready to fully commit. Divorcing her husband just a few months back, she seems prepared for David to put a ring on it!

As for her show, Braxton Family values, Tamar hopes for a trouble-free season. A few controversies and more getting along, for her. Well, the show executives might have a different plan for the ratings!

The Braxton sister also spoke up about her firing from her old talk show, The Real. And this is where it gets spicy.

Tamar straight-up called the talk show environment “catty”. She talked about being used as a “marketing tool” by some people. And The Real hosts hit back!

The hosts of the talk show took the higher ground. After three years of drama, they wanted this topic to be done with. Denying any allegations about cattiness, the hosts welcomed Tamar to come and sort everything out.

Do you think the previous coworkers will work out their issues? Or do you think Tamar has something to say back? Comment down below.