Orange Is The New Black: The Secret Details Many Fans Miss In The Show! Till Season 7 you will see the gradual changes!

After a run of seven seasons, hit show Orange Is The New Black has finally wrapped up. Earlier this year saw the premiere of the Emmy winning show’s last season. While the earlier seasons were solid, fans could feel the decline in the quality little by little every year. That is why it seems best for the show to bow out before all the glory is gone.

Orange Is the New Black revolves around the lives of female inmates at Litchfield Penitentiary in upstate New York. With a wide circle of characters and their gripping stories to watch, viewers often miss the crafty little details inside an episode. In this post, we point out some of these little cheeky or smart touches.

The opening sequence features 52 real inmates

Piper Kerman wanted the show to be about the many different stories of prison life. You can see this captured in the opening as the camera flickers through the faces of 52 inmates.

Dascha Polanco’s daughter plays her character’s younger self

In the cameo where we see a young Daya, we are witnessing the actress’s real daughter. Dasani Kristal Gonzalez plays her mom’s younger counterpart on the show. I mean, who better too, right?

Natasha Lyonne and Nicky Nichols’ similar history

Natasha Lyonne has been very open about her past with drug abuse. She went through a tough time and has the scars to prove it. Nicky in Orange Is the New Black does too. And hey, both women stand strong despite their troubles.

No single character appears in every episode of the show

In all its seven seasons, you won’t find a cast member that is present in all the episodes of the show. Instead of choosing to limelight only a few central characters, the show focuses on a wide variety of experiences. This diversity is what people love about the show.

That’s it, folks. What about you, guys? Are there any clever details that you guys want to add? Leave them below!