Tales of Arise: The Newest Addition in JRPG ‘Tales’ Franchise Follows “Inheritance and Evolution” Formula – A Review

The game is following a motto called “inheritance and evolution,” which means it’s going to retain its familiarity while still coming up with big updates. 

Tales of Arise is the newest in a long line of “Tales of” JRPG franchise. Arise is going to be the 17th game in the main series, and will be available on PC. The game’s producer Yusuke Tomizawa has been sharing details of the game in recent interviews, ever since its announcement trailer came out at E3 2019, and the sentence that Tomizawa kept repeating is “inheritance and evolution,” a quote that is fitting to the game when it comes to the plot and how it’s it’s placed in the Tales series. At the end of the trailer, it’s put in plain text: “Now is the time for a change.”

Release date and characters 

A specific release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the announcement trailer said it’s going to be 2020. We can expect the game to come out soon enough, as it was given an age rating in Korea, meaning a large amount of the game is playable to actually be rated.

Tales of Arise
Credit: Gamespot

The game will have two main protagonists. The man in the iron mask is called Alphen, and the pink-haired girl is called Shionne.

Alphen will be the one we will play as, even though his story is likely intertwined with Shionne’s, meaning the two will be together for the major part of the game. Alphen is a slave from the technologically stunted planet Dahna, which had been invaded by Shionne’s nearby homeworld Rena. Alphen is said to have lost his memory, and Shionne has a curse on her called “thorns,” meaning anyone who touches her will feel pain.

The two don’t start out as friends but strikeout an unlikely partnership at the end.