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Sweetie Pie’s star has been accused of murdering his nephew for money! Are the allegations true?

Life is not meant to be a fairy tale. What we see and know through the entertainment industry is different from what happens or must happen in real life. Various aspects of life need to be explored and worked on. It is rare to see adventurous sentiments being attached to real life as if it was someone’s real-life experience.

James Timothy Norman is the son of “Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s” star Robbie Montgomery, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

However, certain aspects need to be maintained in fairy tales and not otherwise. The story that we will be narrating will sound no lesser than a fairy tale, however, it is a real incidence that has taken place and was sufficient to have gained limelight.

A reality show which talked about the food restaurant St. Louis soul, Sweetie Pie’s was responsible for a murder that seemed like a reel life story. Upon discovering the same, it was tough for the viewers and listeners to believe in what they had heard was right. The story that will be narrated was in connection with his nephew, who was dead in 2016.

How did the story unfold?

The real-life incident that took place was a tragic incident that must not have happened as it did. However, the story as it unfolded was a sad happening that could have been prevented had one known that at the right time. The character had in real life planned to get his nephew, a young aged man murdered. This was a planned murder and that was the cause of pain for the entire family. However, the fact that someone from their family was responsible for the same is what made them even sadder. The pain that they experienced was the worst part of the happening and that was supposed to be recovered.

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