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Ben Cross from ‘Chariots of Fire’ has lost his life after battling an illness for some time.

These times are tough for every individual. not only is the pandemic at the peak, but also the sufferings and the mental trauma that people have is immense. At a time like this, there have been many cases of coronavirus detected and there are deaths all over the world due to the same. It is not easy for an individual to take care of them to an extent where they will look after every aspect of their life and yet manage to smile.

Several celebrities have been contracted with the disease and they have suffered beyond repair, while some of them have lost their lives and succumbed to the virus. Even a minor illness is enough to infect someone to the extent of them giving away their lives to this virus due to the effect that it causes to the body of the infected person. Any disease that can affect an individual seems unbearable when they are affected by the pandemic disease.

What has captured the news in recent times?

With many already affected by the virus, many have been facing distress more than the others. The star in the movie Chariots of Fire, Ben Cross was the perform that lit the entire screen with his acting skills and has given the movie different fame that it has today. Any performer that acts in a movie becomes more famous and is responsible for the talks that are done for the movie/the art.

Similar to other scenarios, the above movie has been known for the acting done by the actor in it. He was contracted with a subtle and short illness which got deadly at times of pandemic and cost him his life. This was news that made everyone sad.

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