Swae Lee’s Girlfriend Marlie Put A Bounty On His Head

It appears regardless of how frequently Swae Lee and his sweetheart Marlie separate, they generally figure out how to end up offering some kind of reparation. As of late, however, many accepted things got too ludicrous for any conceivable compromise.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Marlie posted video of the Rae Sremmurd rapper surrounding a couple of his vehicles and what resembles him taking photos of his autos before shouting “get off my property.”

Marlie, in the interim, is heard hollering, “You all see this bum a** n***a. I attempted to break out his window, he’s a down and out a** b***h.”

What might be considerably all the more stunning is the thing that she subtitled the post: “Somebody kill him I got 20k money for you.”

It isn’t clear what caused the battle or what legitimate conceivable outcomes could emerge out of this if Swae Lee were to sue over harmed property and dangers to his well being.

It’s indistinct if Swae was made mindful of the compromising post, or if cops were required this episode. In the event that they were, we realize it wouldn’t possess been the principal energy for these two.

They’ve had a rough relationship as of late, with allegations of cheating, boisterous attack and in one case, claimed savagery. Marlie got captured in September for what cops accepted to be a physical quarrel that she raised, which purportedly finished in her headbutting him.

No charges were documented all things considered and the L.A. City Attorney chose to host a meeting with the two gatherings to work through their issues. After this, however, she’s kinda behaving recklessly.