Suzanne Somers shares a nude picture of herself to celebrate her birthday with fans!Fans are divided on how to react!

Three’s Company star Suzanne Somers ringed in her 73rd birthday recently. The actress took to Instagram to share her birthday. And that started a line of comments.

The author-singer shared a picture of herself on 16th October. But, some of the fans are angry or plain disappointed.

Since the businesswoman posted a naked picture of herself, she is getting backlash. She captioned the picture saying that she is as she was born in her ‘birthday suit’.

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Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!

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Apparently, some fans liked the picture of her sitting in between flowers and grass. But, others gave a mixed reaction.

A fan referred to her age and asked her not to do this as it doesn’t suit her age. A female commenter wrote that she is not jealous of the actress. However, it would be better if the star maintained some class.

Many haters cited her age as a reason to not behave like this. Some expressed shock commenting ‘what?’ while others a range of confusion, disgust, and derision.

Though some were troubled by seeing a 73-year-old showing skin, others came to her defense as well. Many replied to the haters. ‘Mind your own business’ could sum up the reaction.

While some reasoned that this conduct is for private life, others showed their small-mindedness by pointing to her surgeries and ‘plastic’ skin.

However, many fans have come to defend her. Some supported her by appreciating her beauty. Some claimed that they could not believe she is 73.

Though, some commended her for posting a picture, showing herself as she is. This sends a message that one should accept their body. Simultaneously, being proud of one’s body is an important component of one’s self-esteem.

Reportedly, many fans have posted photos of their true selves. The celebrities have flaunted their no makeup; surgery, scars look with proud. This is an era that is breaking the rigid concept of beauty.

Thus, it sends the message that beauty is not the outside appearance, but the character one depicts.