SURPRISINGLY! Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne, Caught IN A DISPUTE, Leaves Photographer HOSPITALIZED!!

According to recent reports, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne are being accused being the part of the group involved in injuring a photographer while on vacation in Argentina this past weekend. The individual was reportedly hospitalized due to the severity of the injuries. An investigation is currently underway.


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On Sunday night, as Robbie and Delevingne were leaving a restaurant in Buenos Aires in the early morning hours according to TMZ sources with direct knowledge, an incident occurred. Although details of the incident are unconfirmed, the sources claimed that when entering an Uber, photographer Pedro Alberto Orquera allegedly “rushed” them and started taking photos of the two stars “aggressively,” intruding on their personal space.

Due to Orquera’s conduct, the ride-hailing driver abandoned the vehicle with Delevingne managing to enter before it drove away as Robbie was “halfway in, halfway out.” According to sources, the actress had to leap out of the car to avoid being badly harmed. The car drove off without Robbie. Friend Josey McNamara, a director, and Jac Hopkins, a key grip, were also left behind.

When the Uber car had departed, and as Robbie remained on the ground, Orquera kept shooting pictures of her. According to a police report obtained by Infobae, when Robbie’s pals jumped in to assist her, Orquera fled and fell “on his own,” resulting in several injuries, including a fractured arm and a bleeding scalp.

However, the photographer Orquera is telling a different story. He told police that he was beaten by Robbie’s friends and now wants to press charges, as TMZ reports.

Orquera told The Sun in a video that he was attacked “brutally and cowardly” by Hopkins’ security when all he wanted to do was take pictures. He said he tried running away but McNamara and Hopkins kicked him from behind, causing his camera to fly out of his hands. Orquera ended up on the ground with a broken arm and lost consciousness due to blood loss.

Police have since taken McNamara and Hopkins into custody. It is unknown whether they were placed under arrest or if they are simply being questioned by police. Orquera is the only person involved in the incident who has spoken out; Robbie and Delevingne have not said anything publicly about what happened.