‘Superman & Lois’ Will Help Introduce The CW’s Next DC Series ‘Naomi’

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The CW will be introducing a new DC character early next year. And they will be using another established series to launch it. The broadcaster will have an all-DC roster on Tuesday nights in early 2022, and it’s counting on Superman & Lois season 2 to help launch Naomi, the next DC show.

Premier dates and returning shows

Superman and Lois

Superman & Lois, along with Naomi will take over Tuesday nights from The Flash and RiverdaleWith their fall runs over, both of these shows will return in March. Meanwhile, we will be seeing new seasons of All American: Homecoming and dates for Dynasty, Kung Fu, Charmed and Two Sentence Horror Stories in February.

Meanwhile, All American will air on Mondays from February 21 at 8 pm, followed by its spin-off All American: Homecoming at 9 pm. The first half of All American has aired, and it will be replaced by Dynasty season 5 from December 20. Its second part will then premier on March 11, along with season four of Charmed.

Naomi will air after Superman & Lois. The show was created by Ava DuVernay and Jill Blankenship (Arrow), and will be produced by them along with Paul Garnes from DuVernay’s production house Array Filmworks.

About Naomi


Naomi‘s comic book series was created by David F. Walker and Brian Michael Bendis. Naomi McDuffle, titular character is played by Kaci Walfall, a high schooler who learns about her new destiny after a supernatural event occurs in her hometown.

In the comics, the Ozone layer in Naomi’s earth gets depleted, and exposes the Earth’s surface to an unknown radioactive energy. This causes 29 people in the planet to develop godlike powers. But with these powers came a war, as some wanted to rule the world, while others wanted to oppose it. Within a month, fourteen died, seven left the planet, and only eight remained. Two of these were Naomi’s parents. To ensure her safety, she gets sent to Earth-0, and a new family adopts the baby.