Supergirl’s Season 5 too wasn’t Left Untouched by the Pandemic Crisis that has Crippled the World

Learn more about the fifth season featuring the famous DC character and how the show was affected by the coronavirus pandemic

For those who don’t know who Supergirl is, her name is Kara Zor-El, and she’s the cousin of the man of steel himself. After being sent over from Krypton, her ship crash landed and she was cryogenically frozen for many years before she came out of it. Kara adopts the identity of Kara Danvers and follows a life similar to Clark Kent, complete with the glasses and the whole nerdy getup.

The CW Supergirl belongs to the Arrowverse, similar to Green Arrow, the Flash, and the Legends of Tomorrow, and has teamed up with them on numerous occasions. The show is now on its fifth season, and it consisted of 19 episodes.

Run in with the virus


The show was originally set to have 22 episodes, but then it was brought down to 20. Then the pandemic happened before the last episode could be completes so it was brought down to 19 episodes.

Regarding the storyline, season five has been compared to Black Mirror by the creators and shows how technology has been affecting our minds as the years pass. They want to show us that nobody wants to face the ugliness of the real world and how a character like Kara is the solution for overcoming that problem.

Lead star Melissa Benoist says that this season will show the eventual rift taking place between Kara and Lena Luthor. The creators have bee  waiting for the right opportunity to execute that. Lena has been someone who had to face numerous betrayals in her life, and when Lex Luthor shows her that her best friend was Supergirl, it becomes a major turning point in her relationship with Kara, and how she had fooled her all this time.