Supergirl Actress Chyler Leigh Came Out this Pride month And Penned Down About The Uncanny Similarities Of Her Reel And Real Life!

While it is Pride month and everyone is celebrating the freedom of love irrespective of one’s sexuality or gender, this celeb has come out of the closet, and fans are appreciating her honestly about the whole thing.

Chyler Leigh Came Out After Penning Down A Heartfelt Post On Social Media. Have a Look.

Apparently, Supergirl cast member Chyler Leigh wrote a heartfelt post and came out and celebrated pride month with all its true spirits. In a post titled Wear Your Pride, the actress penned down all the emotional turmoil she has been going through.

The actress further talked about the similarity between her reel and real-life and how she felt that she intentionally represent who she as an individual. When her character was supposed to come out in season two, she soon realized how the scripted page has found her way in her real life as well. Take a look at this Twitter post to see what the actress wrote about this sudden discovery she went through with her sexuality.

The Actress Found Uncanny Similarity Through Her Reel Homosexual Character As Well.

Maybe, the director, fans, and everyone around could already see through as everyone appreciated saying that it was one of the most genuine coming out scenes they ever witnessed.

The actress has also mentioned how she and her husband have been on lonely roads but have managed to discover the depths of each other and as individuals as well. No matter what the cost the couple has learned to be proud of who they are as individuals which are most important. Fans are applauding her courage and honesty with likes and comments pouring in on social media for the actress.