Fans Are Totally Outraged After The Whole Virginity Test Of Deyjah Harris by T.I. Fiasco Came Out!

Parenthood can be tricky, however, one celeb has made a shocking revelation which has created controversy in no time. While fans sure are shocked, it seems like there’s more to the story.

Deyjah Harris Was Devastated After Knowing About The Whole Hymen Checking Issue.

Apparently, in a recent preview of on T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, there was a rather shocking revelation about T.I talking about an appointment with the gynecologist regarding his daughter Deyjah Harris’ virginity test!

As shocking it may sound, T.I wanted to make her daughter go through some hymen checking procedure in order to make sure that Deyjah is not sexually active! While the incident happened back in 2019, but viewers will get a sneak peek on how to family handled the extremely sensitive and controversial situation. Moreover, Deyjah was mortified with the whole incident and wanted some time away from her father. Fans were outrades and voices their anger over this on various social media platform. Take a look at this post made by someone on this issue.

T.I Faced Major Backlash From Fans After This Confession Of His.

The whole interview happened way back.during an interview where T.I said that Deyjah is not really into any sports or anything like riding a bike, so it is important to get her hymen checked for other reasons. T.I received some major backlash for not respecting his daughter’s privacy and later he said he said all that in a joking manner.

After the whole fiasco was out , Deyjah left social media and deleted her social media account as well. However, she is back now. T.I later defended himself saying that people took the whole thing too literally . He said Deyjah’s mother was there the whole time.