Sunday Season Finale: White Lotus Director Conflicted about the Ending, Speaks Out

Mike White Speaks out

Sunday saw the season finale of White Lotus. The series has not been a stranger to controversy. The series finale was no different, many fans of the show were left conflicted with the ending. So was the director, in a recent interview, the director explained why.

Mike White, was unsure about Rachel going back to Shane but ultimately acknowledged the fact that even though Shane is spoilt and privileged, he really loved Rachel. Even though it just might be the idea of her. He goes on to reveal that he has often witnessed many people in the same situation. Although some people saw it to be cynical the idea felt true to life for him.

He goes on to talk about the time when Rachel wanted to be independent. According to White, she had the capability but not the money. On the other hand, Shane is rich and privileged. While some people saw her choice as condescending, The director has witnessed women in real life making the same choice. Mike tells the fans Sadly Principled actions don’t always win the day. Although it would be fun to revisit their story down the line.

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In the final moment of the show, Quinn can be seen paddling away. This was another moment he felt conflicted about. Though in the end he decided not to end it on a cynical note for Quinn and instead gave him a fantasy ending.

Synopsis and other details

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The HBO series White Lotus is a comedy-drama. It is an American satire that is both created, written and directed by Mike White. It premiered on July 11th 2021 and contained six episodes, even though it was given the green signal in October 2020 and filmed in Hawaii 2020. The series follows the stay of various guests in a hotel as they relax. With each day the complexity of their stay increases a darker controversy emerges.

The series has been renewed for a second season by HBO max.