Succession comes back for a new success: HBO series ‘Succession’ setting up for its season 2.

American comedy series “Succession” released its first episode on June 3, 2018, and the series is still in the top list of the viewers. The show ran around the grotesques and grotesquely wealthy Roy family. It was five-times Emmy nominated, out of which one time it got nominated for the outstanding drama series for the first season of the Succession. Now finally, Succession is back with its season 2.

Jessy Armstrong, the creator and fellow executive producer Adam McKay are nominated for directing the Roy family vie for control of their media power. Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook, Alan Ruck, and Kieran Culkin are in the role for Roy siblings. Some more actors have also joined the show like Oscar winner, Holly Hunter, Cherry Jones, and Danny Huston. Moreover, the series goes on with the regular ones, Matthew Macfadyen, Nicholas Braun, Peter Friedman, and Rob Yang.

Ruck describes how he is surprised to know the success of the show and says that there are so many shows, but the one he is working is progressing.

It comprises of family drama. After Game of Thrones, Succession is the heir of HBO. The show is all about family and building their empire. They do not get distracted from their central theme and keep the drama from the media trade rags. The first part of the show gained much popularity and attention among all blew off with the stunning finale.

A still from the show.

Now, for season 2, it starts where part one ended. Season 2 is primarily set in Manhattan, and it involves more work outside of New York City. There are many street scenes, and while shooting, it felt like a roadshow. Apart from the streets, it covered the summer palace of the show in Hamptons, an estate in Hungary, a conference in Lake Placid and more areas covered are Dundee, Scotland, Washington D.C.