‘Stranger Things’ Season 5: Everything You Should Know About the popular show on Netflix

The entire fourth season of Strange Things The way that everything was resolved made you think that the series’ conclusion would occur in the last episode.

No, this is not the end, though. There is still a full season left. For the young people who must get ready to defend Hawkins—or what’s left of it—that could be devastating news. For those of us who just can’t give up on Steve “The Hair” Harrington and the rest of this interesting bunch, the news is actually excellent.

In our in-depth episode 8 recap and episode 9 season finale recap for more information on Stranger Things season 4 volume 2, explore the easter eggs, linkages to past seasons, and character arcs for the cast. Here is all we currently know about the impending fifth and final season, in case you binge-watched season 4 already. We’ll update this as fresh information comes out.

When will the final season of Stranger Things air?

More mysterious than what Erica actually discovered under Lucas’ bed is this situation. The first two seasons were separated by a year, followed by a two-year hiatus for season three and a further two for season four. (This explains why the children are maturing so quickly; marvel at the contrasts in our photo collection.) The Duffer brothers blatantly admitted to Variety that while they haven’t yet begun production, the wait shouldn’t be as long this time. Therefore, we would expect a year and a half, placing the show in early 2024. (Hopper actor David Harbour’s prediction for mid-2024.)

What the heck is a time jump?

The kids are growing older, as we previously mentioned. Both Millie Bobby Brown, who portrays 11, and Joe Keery, who plays Steve, are now in their thirties. Since each season has advanced by a year, the final season would be in 1987. However, if the show skipped more than a year—for example, if it picked up when the younger kids were ready to graduate from Hawkins—they might be able to catch up to their true ages.

Details about Stranger Things

The show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, have acknowledged a time jump but haven’t provided any other information. However, as season four came to a close, Hawkins was practically on fire, making it seem as though the kids needed to take back the initiative right away. The Duffers will need to resolve it once they reopen the writers room for their programme.

Hopper and Joyce spent the most of season four in Russia, Eleven began filming in California (we still want Angela, the cruel girl from the roller rink, to pay), and part of the cast returned to Hawkins. The transitions between settings were quite seamless, but according to the Duffers, the final season will emphasise keeping everyone in Hawkins together.

Will Byers cherishes Mike.

It appears that the focus may return to Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), who was kidnapped at the beginning of the first season of the show. Will is “a huge component and focus” of the last season, according to Ross Duffer. And actor Schnapp admitted to Variety in July 2022 that his character is gay and has emotions for Mike, who is dating Eleven, according to the speculations.

Now it is absolutely obvious that he is gay and that he does care about Mike, according to Schnapp.

And the fact that Will still seems to be able to feel a connection to Vecna makes everything he does more challenging.

Eleanor and Max

The Duffers have reassured viewers that the poignant death of new character Eddie Munson, who gave himself up in season four, is true. Although Alexei didn’t get to play the part, it’s possible that Joseph Quinn will appear in a flashback, the character won’t play a significant role in the upcoming season.

Max Mayfield, who has played a significant role in the show since its second season, finds it to be distinct. Vecna attempted to kill Max in the hospital towards the end of the fourth season, much as he had attempted to kill others before her by gouging their eyes out and destroying their bones. She remains in a coma and is still alive, but she is not in good health. However, it doesn’t seem likely that the Duffers will harm Max; in fact, it’s possible that the time travel will aid in the recovery of her bones and brain.

There won’t be a sequel to “Running Up That Hill.”

Running Up That Hill, a song by Kate Bush from 1985, was notably featured in the fourth season and went on to top charts all over the world. But don’t anticipate that the Duffers will simply select another song from the 1980s to promote season 5.

“What song are [you] going to perform in Season 5?” is a question I’ve already been asked. In an interview with Collider, Matt Duffer remarked. “”We’re not going to do that again,” I say. Because it will fail if we attempt it.” Indeed, it probably would. Unfortunately, there is only one Kate Bush, and lightning is famously difficult to capture.

Finale will once more be lengthy.

The fourth season’s climax lasted more than two hours. The Duffers claim that the season five finale will be, albeit not quite as long. However, it will go quickly. They remark that season five will begin immediately and make a joke about the finale having “eight endings.” When 2024 rolls around, prepare to reserve some serious viewing time.

Then what happens?

“There are still many more thrilling stories to tell within the world of ‘Stranger Things,'” the Duffers teased their audience in a message. “New mysteries, new adventures, and new surprising heroes.”

They also said in a statement to Variety that “we do have a concept for a spinoff that we’re really thrilled about.” According to the founders, they haven’t even told Netflix about the concept yet since they want everyone to be surprised. However, they also claimed that Mike’s actor Finn Wolfhard had properly predicted the spinoff subject. We will have to wait until that happens unless someone can get Finn to spill the beans.