‘Professor’ from Money Heist aka La Casa De Papel is One of the Smartest Characters to have ever Come on Screens

While the show remains in the spotlight, let’s take a peek at the mastermind that assembled the band of robbers

 Netflix’s Money Heist is trending throughout the world in these times, and everyone has been marvelling at the man who had assembled the team of robbers who commit all the dramatic heists – The Professor. Played by Álvaro Morte, he is a lead character and always manages to keep out of reach of the cops while handling his troublesome team at the same time.

Character Traits

True to his name, the Professor looks like an actual professor with his glasses, beard and unkept hair. He is the mastermind behind the heist of the Royal Mint and Bank of Spain in Madrid.

The man has an enigmatic personality, while we can also see from the way he always keeps himself busy that he’s a workaholic as well. His behaviour towards the team and to people in general is kind, and he rarely loses his temper. We feel a great deal of empathy for the character after learning that the reason he planned the first heist was to avenge his father.

The professor seems to be exceptionally knowledgeable on police strategy, hostage situations avoidance, weapons, law enforcement, forgery, theft, and bank robberies. He was able to oversee the entire crime from behind the scenes by joking with the cops and repeatedly duping them into carrying out his instructions. He also exhibits a profound knowledge of psychology. The outcomes of the majority of his proposals heavily rely on the responses he anticipates from the public, government, and law enforcement. This enables him to engage in a stressful game of one-upmanship with Inspector Raquel Murillo, in which he consistently succeeds in changing the course of events during the heist in favour of his crew despite improbable odds.

Because of his natural leadership abilities and calm temperament, he can settle team disputes amicably. Team members also have a lot of faith in his intentions and abilities to make decisions. This is demonstrated by the team’s decision to follow protocol and wait 24 hours after receiving his phone call before launching “Plan Chernobyl,” despite abundantly visible television evidence of his impending detention only a few hours before the deadline. They act in this way because of their deep regard for his intellect and conviction that he will do his best efforts to protect the team in whatever situation that arises.

Sergio views himself as a strategist who must thoroughly consider each move before coming to a decision, much like a chess player. When things go wrong, he can use this to make important judgments in a hurry. He effortlessly subdues Alberto and Raquel on separate occasions, suggesting that he may be a skilled martial artist. He is seen boxing in his hideout and going through rigorous physical training.

The Professor upholds strict moral values despite organising the largest robbery in human history. Even though killing Raquel’s mother would seem to be the only way to save the theft, he chooses not to do so. He asserts that the most crucial robbery rule is to avoid spilling any blood. Uncertainty exists regarding whether this is solely motivated by consideration of public opinion or if moral considerations are also involved. Despite starting his heist lessons with the ‘No Personal Relationships’ rule, he also demonstrates a tremendous deal of empathy and love for the members of his team.

As per money heist fandom, From an early age, the Professor had been organizing heists. He ceased renewing his identity card when he was 19 years old, preventing registration.

In order to carry off a theft that his father had planned at the Royal Mint of Spain, the Professor hired 8 criminals.

He was able to approach Raquel Murillo, the lead inspector in charge of the Royal Mint robbery, while posing as Salvador “Salva” Martn, and the two eventually fell in love. Raquel then adopts the gang name “Lisbon” and joins.

In an effort to put pressure on the Spanish government, which had detained Rio, the Professor organised a second theft at the Bank of Spain. He and his half-brother Berlin had been planning this theft for years.

The Professor is kidnapped and tortured by Alicia Sierra in Part 5. Benjamn Martnez and Marseille are also captured by her. However, Alicia is forced to untie them when she experiences difficulty during labour and must deliver her baby with their assistance.

In the end, Alicia and the Professor collaborate. They shelter in an empty apartment when the police pursue them. Later, Alicia assists in locating the gold that was stolen.

R. A. Murillo

When the Professor loans Raquel his cell phone so she might call her mother, they initially meet in a café close to the Mint. Without realising he was the “mastermind” behind the theft, they start off as friends and then fall in love. When she learns, she tries everything in her power to trap him and put him in jail, but in the end, he succeeds in convincing her, and she caves in to his plan, allowing him to flee with the money and being surprised to find him a year later on the Philippine island of Palawan.

Tokyo first encounters the Professor among the crew, and it was he that prevented her from spending the rest of her life in prison. Tokyo has displayed a great deal of admiration and respect for The Professor throughout the series, even going so far as to refer to him as her “guardian angel.”

Berlin and the Professor are great friends and are related by blood.

Berlin confesses that he has Helmer’s Myopathy, a disorder that his mother also had, in a flashback scene with the Professor in Italy. Berlin is optimistic that he would survive 6 or 7 years, contrary to the physicians’ prognosis of 3 years. Berlin declines the Professor’s offer to stop the robbery and have him treated abroad because there is no cure and he would rather keep doing what he loves most—robbing.

Alfonso Vicua
When the Professor was posing as Salva, Alberto first encountered him. The Professor and his friendship with Raquel did not sit well with Alberto. When Alberto drives the Professor back to Madrid after their first encounter at The Toledo House, they start to argue. They engage in a fist fight that ends with the Professor winning in a flash. With this, Alberto takes advantage of the opportunity to detain the Professor while presuming that he is Salva.

San Sebastián is where he was born.
When he was ill, his father, a bank robber, would tell him tales of his crimes.
He loved viewing ocean-themed documentaries as a kid.
He pretended to Raquel and Angel that he had inherited his grandfather’s apple orchard and was beginning a cider business. There might be some truth to this given that he had the squad practise on an estate.