Stranger Things Season 4 Review: Darker, Scarier, And Longer Than Ever Before

The series is already trending for having episodes the size of feature films

Stranger Things season 4 early reviews are out, and the kids from Hawkins, Indiana, face their toughest and scariest match yet. Right off the bat, we see that a different formula has been applied. The teenagers and grown-ups are in different places, each with its own mystery to solve. And also, you’re probably right. This is their greatest season yet. So let’s read in detail.

Stranger Things Season 4 Review (Minor Spoilers Ahead)

Stranger Things

As mentioned before, the characters in Stranger Things are all separated, and in the first seven episodes, we follow each group as they make discoveries and fight the evil in small ways. A Lovecraftian  monster becomes the primary villain. However, it definitely took a page from Freddy Krueger’s book and is simply terrifying.

While all these elements exist, the Duffer Brothers made sure to keep the show grounded with teenage love and angst, just like the previous seasons. Another part that amps up the horror is when characters draw pictures of whater nightmare they see. It seems to be a staple of the show, and fans love it.

The Duffer Brothers made sure it doesn’t make the reunion easy, as the characters never reunite in this part. Hopper is believed to be dead by everyone, and Eleven has no father figure and no powers. She once again goes by Jane, and is at school.

The Durations

Stranger Things

Episodes one to six touch in at the 50 minutes- 1 hour mark, while episode seven is a full 1 and a half hours. Part 2 of Stranger Things season 4 only has two episodes, but one episode is already teased to be about 2 and a half hours.

As for the acting, every cast member continues to be endearing and gripping. Out of the three stories, the most entertaining one goes to Steve (Joe Keery) and Robin (Maya Hawke).

With that said, get ready for Stranger Things season 4 coming on May 27.

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