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Steven Speilberg’s daughter is not happy about the dismissal of the domestic violence case and feels more unsafe than ever!

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Violence is bad in the phase of itself. Any sort of violence in any capacity is bad and must be prevented from happening. One must ensure that their home is a safe space for everyone that stays in it. To ensure that people around us are safe, outside of our homes, the prevention must come from a home in the first place. This is done with firmness from other’s end.

The elders at home must ensure that their home is a safe place for all the individuals prone to getting victimized there. To ensure that it happens, the strictness from the elders as mentioned must come ahead so that the individual knows how to control their anger and not take their frustration out on anyone else around them. out of all the types of violence, none is acceptable, however the worst and the most dangerous is domestic violence due to several factors that govern the outcome of reporting it.

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Renowned filmmaker, Steven Speilberg, grew up in a time before dyslexia was a diagnosis. As a child, it took him more than two years to learn how to read which led to mistreatment from classmates. He found a group of friends he could be himself around and this group became the inspiration for an '80s classic, "The Goonies." He shares, "I think making movies was my great escape, it was how I could get away from all that." Spielberg was not diagnosed with dyslexia until he was 60 years old, which he says felt "like the last puzzle part in a tremendous mystery that I've kept to myself all these years." However, this late diagnosis did not hold him backing from creating a collection of widely loved, incredible films that we all enjoy today. Stay tuned for more dyslexia success stories and exciting updates coming soon! #LiteracyMatters #Dyslexia #Literacy #StevenSpeilberg

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No one wants their home to be known as being unsafe for the others who visit them, also, no one would like their family image to be spoiled by anyone from the outside. Before such cases being reported, the victim thinks twice since their family reputation and future has to be kept safe in the eys of them as well as others. 

Steven Spielberg's daughter Mikaela's domestic violence case dismissed: 'I just want to feel safe again' | Fox News
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What was the recent news about Steven Speilberg’s daughter?

Steven Speilberg’s daughter is a known victim of domestic violence. The family image, in this case, would matter above all since the family is known by people worldwide and they wouldn’t want their name to get spoiled. Her case at the court was adjourned after a few listening which is the worst justice that any complainant could receive, especially after mustering the courage to go and speak up about the happenings that they had gone through. 

Steven Spielberg's adult film star daughter's domestic violence case is DISMISSED | Daily Mail Online
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