Steve Harvey’s journey from SLEEPING IN A CAR with $35 dollars to being the longest-running host of the show!

Steve Harvey has been one of the most entertaining show hosts we have seen in all these years, be it, adults or kids, this guy sure knows how to communicate with them or to keep the humor nice and high!

Take a Look At Seve Harvey’s Motivational Speech About His Own Life!

However, recently a video has come at the forefront which tells the unheard story that the host has shared and it will make you believe in hard work and extreme determination. The host shares that there was a time when used to sleep in the car and spend nights at the hotel parking lots.

With only $35 in his pocket and nowhere to go a surprise call for a gig in Florida that offered Harvey $150 changed his life as he did the gig and immediately reached New York with the paid money only to be a part of the Showtime At The Apollo. Take a look at this heartfelt video and you will know what determination and faith does to a person.

The Successful Host Talks About His Journey And His Faith In God .

With baby steps and with one event taking place after the other, Steve Harvey soon became the host of the Apollo Showtime and went on to create a big record of being the longest-running host in history.

The host admitted that either you go forward or just give up in life. With making as much as $750 just for one-night telling jokes, there was no turning back for Steve Harvey, and the rest is an ongoing tale of success. It was just the beginning as now the host is just busy with so many popular shows and fans are in love with this funny host!