Did Justin Bieber RUINED Selena Gomez life and actually left for the best!! Selena’s success and Strong personality tells a different story!!

One of the most talked-about celebrity couple: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had their fair share of drama that is continuing even now! The two have had quite a history work each before finally parting ways and Justin Bieber marrying Hailey Baldwin.


Selena Gomez Confessed That She Hs Faced Emotional Abuse In Her Previous Relationship! Is She Talking About Justin Bieber?

While the two have parted ways for good and have surely moved on with their respective lives, there has been some new revelation time and again that has shocked fans. Selena Gomez has released a string of new songs that seem to be too personal at some point.


Selena has gone on record and confessed that her previous relationship has given her enough emotional trauma and she is can’t over it for good. Fans were quick to understand who she was talking about!

Justin Bieber, Himself Has Been Candid About His Relationship With Selena Gomez.

It is not Selena alone who has been vocal about her last relationship but even Justin Bieber has admitted to being too young in love and ended up making some rash decisions in the relationship. He has also apologized for hurting the people around him as he admitted t be in a bad state of mind himself.


While the two have moved on with Justin now happily married with Hailey Baldwin,  the beef is over. However, Selena might be a bit too hurt over her previous relationship as the newest songs might also be about it as well. The whole Rare album has a few sound tracks with some of exes names written all over it! Well, you can listen to them and see for yourself!