Steve Harvey is very much pissed at his daughter Lori Harvey for almost killing a person due to her recklessness! Check it out.

It was on October 22, 2019 that the stepdaughter of one of the best comedian, Steve Harvey was arrested. Lori Harvey got arrested after she attempted a scene including a serious car accident on sunday. Lori Harvey is a popular fashion model and professionally into the industry since long. But her career is in doubt after this hit and run incident.

She was a brilliant horse rider when she was a child. In addition she also took part in the Olympics however, she had an accident in 2015 after which she stopped horse riding. A person who witnessed the scene described it to the US Cops. He said that the 22 year old model striked her Mercedes SUV into another vehicle. Her vehicle flipped after that. At the time this happened she was travelling through Beverly Hills, California.

The police department of Beverly Hills told that she was captured as she was suspected of an attempt to manslaughter. And she also postponed the police examination after this. The authority said that she was arrested for these two reasons. However was discharged on the scene. And she guaranteed to comply and cooperate with the police department and be present in the court whenever she is called.

The news has been publicly released that Lori has been arrested. She’ll have to be in the prison for a year on account of her two misleading acts and misdeed. Eye witness of the incident told that Lori was typing something while she was driving and his was the cause for her irresponsible accident.

There were also news that Lori was dating Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, however, they broke up time ago. And now there’s nothing such between them.