Statue on the Legends Walk: 11 time All Star Charles Barkley honoured by the Philadelphia 76ers NBA basketball training facility in Camden, N.J!!!

Philadelphia 76ers honor Charles Barkley with a statue on their Legends Walk outside their practice facility in Camden. The statue was unveiled on Friday. Charles Barkley who played for eight seasons with the Sixers joined the other Sixer legends Wilt Chamberlain, Maurice Cheeks, Julius Erving and Bobby Jones on the Legends Walk. Barkley was named one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history in 1996. The Legends Walk is in front of the facility through which one has to pass to enter the facility.

An All-Star for five straight seasons from 1987 to 1992, Charles Barkley was number 34, which was retired by the team in 2001. Elton Brand the Sixers general manager spoke about Barkley during the unveiling saying, “The attitude you played with, the hustle, it screamed out Philly. It is Philly and your DNA is still currently in this team today.”

Charles Barkley had played the first half of his basketball career with the Sixers before moving on to pursue a championship. He still calls Philly his home. His play earned his the moniker of the Round Mound of Rebound. He was the leading scorer on the original 1992 Olympic Dream Team, is an 11-time All-Star. He is still part of the game as an Emmy award-winning commentator. On his commemoration, his said, “When you grow up in Leeds, Alabama, in the projects and all these 56 years later you’re standing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and you’ve had this amazing journey, all you really can say is thank you. I hope today’s players understand, man, we’re so lucky. We’re so blessed to dribble a stupid basketball for a living. We are so lucky and blessed. Always sign autographs, always take pictures, always try to be cordial.”

He shared that the best thing for him was the fans, and how lucky players were to be appreciated and loved for being able to dribble a basketball. He shared how he felt lucky and blessed for his career and his achievements. “I’m 56 years old and I’ve never had a real job, and I’m not looking for one. I’m going to ride this TV thing out.”

Upon seeing the unveiled statue of himself, Barkley joked that he had never seen himself that skinny. He is the eighth statue on the walk. The statue was created by a local artist Chad Fisher. Barkley hopes that his statue and life story inspires the current Sixers and future players. He shared that his statue should inspire other players as saying “‘Man, that guy right there, remember they told him he wasn’t good enough and he became one of the best to ever to do it?”