Star Wars 9 all set to reach fans theories and speculations?

In many ways, the speculations made about the Star War movies after the release of the Star War trailers are just as good as the Star War movies themselves. Though the actual movie lasts only a few hours, the discussions, the research, and the theories about the story seem to go on forever.

From varies fan sites, forums, and Reddit, hundreds of posts along with blogs have popped up in the expanse of the Internet. Even before the Internet has even become a thing, fans of Star Wars have found ways to debate the nuances of a galaxy located far away endlessly.

The very first teaser of Star Wars finale was released in April at the Star Wars Celebrations. It has shown all the returning characters along with all new members who have joined. The teaser has revealed that Emperor Palpatine is going to return. Everyone has expected that at the D23 Expo, there would be footage of behind-the-scene the same way it has happened for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But to fans’ disappointment and to their excitement the reel played at the D23 Expo contained something that seems to be finished footage.

On 20th December 2019, Disney is going to release the final movie in the Skywalker saga that has taken about 40 years and 9 movies for its making. Now J.J. Abrams is under quite heavy pressure to live up to the expectations from massive legacy. This concluding movie must live up to the imagination of all the Star War fans and must be even crazier than fan theories.
A few fan theories are crazy as good as they are. One of the exciting theories about the Star Wars finale is that for decades, Luke has been in contact with his father, Anakin.