Spider-Man: No Way Home Director discusses therapy session held with the Spider-Men

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” has a special place in the hearts of people

We all are Spider-Man fans. When Spider-Man: No Way Home was out, the fans went wild. The Spider-Man and its action, the love story, the portrayal, it all appeals to so many! Undoubtedly, the movie performed very well at the box office and has left the fans in awe. There have been debates about nominating the movie for Oscar. The director of the movie, Jon Watts recently interviewed by Variety reveals some interesting news!

Spider Man
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The making of a superhit Spider-Man: No Way Home amidst COVID Uncertainty

Jon Watts started working on the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in October 2019 along with his team. Things didn’t go as planned because of the pandemic that had held the whole world captive. Nevertheless, the work resumed in 2020 in May amidst a question about the future of movies. Eventually, the shooting for the movie began in October 2020, making things very different.

Watts said that he felt nothing but gratitude on the first day, and hopes that he radiated the same. Jon Watts has previously directed two spider-man movies “Homecoming”, and ” No Way Home” and we all know how well they went!

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Sat together in circles, like a therapy session!

The director was very excited as he told about the film and how it felt like working with some world-class actors. Moreover, the director of the superhit movie also described the first day of his shoot. He said that he gathered the three spider-men- Andrew Garfield, Toby Maguire, and Tom Holland.

They sat on folding chairs and went through the whole script. Furthermore, describing his excitement he said that although he had talked to them separately, talking to them together was different. It meant that they could express what the character meant to them, and how all the pieces fit together. They all had different experiences, and it was like a spider man therapy session!

The Perfect Timing of the Movie

Jon Watts
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The director considered the whole movie as a big responsibility that he couldn’t screw up. He has worked to truly link pieces and bring the Spider-Men of the different eras together. Hence, the movie itself is healing and arrived at the perfect time. Alternatively, the action thriller gives a ray of hope to the audience that everything will be okay.

All these factors make it so much more attractive. Jon Watts’s dedication in directing a masterpiece was evident and we couldn’t have asked for more!