South Park Addresses the Russia-Ukraine Conflict in its Latest Episode

South Park Talks Russia-Ukraine war

The American animated series, South Park addressed the Russia-Ukraine war in it’s latest episode. The show is the first one to do so. However, mocked the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

In the latest episode titled “Back to the Cold War”, the show made fun of Putin old age and how his penis does not work as before. Mr Mackey, a South Park character is shown panicking over the current crisis. The elementary counsellor starts preparing the students for a possible nuclear war. He conducts drills for the same reason as well. The episode also mentions the cold war era film “Red Dawn” and features some 80’s pop culture references.

Creators of South Park Addresses Russia-Ukraine Conflict in The Latest Episode.

Episode Recap

As the episode proceeds we discover that Mr. Mackey lowkey enjoys this conflict. He gets nostalgic thinking about the current conflict. As it reminds him of the 1980’s Cold War. He starts to get even more paranoid later. He suspects  Principal for being a Russian spy. Mr. Mackey goes as far as to coordinate with the American military for a counter attack. But we realize that all his actions are a projection of him romanticizing the idea of war. Mackey, while talking to his mother realizes that war is not something to be nostalgic about.

Creators of South Park Addresses Russia-Ukraine Conflict in The Latest Episode.
South Park

Addressing the Issue

On February 24, Russia launched an invasion in Ukraine and since then the two nations have been at war. A lot of people have a lot of opinions. But the war hasn’t been addressed in a mainstream T.V. series or a film. The creators of the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone really outdid themselves with the last episode. South Par first aired in 1997, on Comedy Central. It is currently on it’s twenty fifth season and dropped over 315 episodes so far.