Taylor Swift sent beautiful flowers to Congratulate Avril Lavigne as her fan!

Taylor Swift sent flowers to Avril Lavigne

The Recent hit song of Avril Lavigne was loved by Taylor Swift. The song is ‘Love Sux’. Taylor sent a bouquet and a lovely note to Avril. This news was revealed through Avril’s Instagram story.

Taylor Swift gift to Avril

The gift is colorful with pink, Peach colored and white flowers. Not to mention a sweet note saying ‘Been dancing around my Kitchen to your fabulous new album, It’s AMAZING,  like you. Below that she wrote ‘Your Forever fan, Taylor’. This amazing gesture happened on Wednesday. This is due to Avril’s seventh album Love Sux. Avril is not the first person to get flowers from Taylor. She gave flowers to Don McLean for breaking the Billboard Hot 100 Record of him for 50 years. Then she sent flowers to Popstar Griff 2021. That is before BRIT Awards. When ‘Black Hole’ hitmaker won the award.

Avril Lavigne’s success of new album

This album was released on February 25. This is the first album since ‘Head Above Water, ‘Overall’ which is her 2019’s project. This new hit has the collaboration of  Machine Gun Kelly, Blackbear, and Mark Hoppus. It consists of 12 tracks. The special thing is the songwriter is Avril Boyfriend Mod Sun.

Avril Lavigne

To make a memory of her album release Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly joined Avril on stage. It happened on February 26th. The producer of the album is Travis. On Stage MachineGun, Kelly sang the song ‘Bois Lie’. This eye-catching thing happened at Roxy theatre.

Almost after 20 years, Avril gave us a punk-style song. The previous song with Punk id Let Go. This is her consecutive hit after Head Above Water. Music Lovers was moved by this lovely gesture by Taylor. We all know that this isn’t the first time she sent flowers. Let’s congratulate Avril on her success. And Wish her Good Luck in her musical future.