Sōsuke Aizen : everything you want to know about this Anime character and our review on it.

The big bad guy of the popular anime show, Bleach is really one of the favorite characters of the anime lovers. He is shown as the former captain of the Tite Kubo’s show. Ichigo and Soul society requires a lot of efforts to defeat him. At the beginning of the series, he was shown as a sweet and soft-spoken Captain Aizen. The entire community loved and respected him.

Momo Hinamori, who was his Lieutenant, really loved him and found him to be a father figure. She could do anything for him. However, things changed when Sosuke Aizen revealed himself as a madman and turned the Soul society upside down. He even organized a campaign along with his Arrancar army, through which he wished to rule over all the creation. 

He turned into a dominating person, and nothing could stop him except the sharpest sword. There are a lot of cruel acts that he did to rule over everyone. One of which is the hollowfication experiment done by him. According to this, Aizen started planning about his intentions 110 years before the actual Bleach incident took place. We came to know about this through the turning back of the pendulum arc later in the series. 

Aizen even hurt the sentiments of her devoted follower, Momo Hinamori, who admired him as a father. He misused and took advantage of her devotion. Aizen used Momo’s grief to make everyone believe that he’s dead. Later Momo felt really bad that she trusted the wrong person. Well, this didn’t end here. He even turned Hitsugaya. She also regretted her decision. Basically, Aizen was a kinda hero who later turned into a villain. We had a misconception about it.