SNL brings back Tom Hanks as David C. Pumpkins for a Special & Hilarious Act

This Halloween, Tom Hanks aka David C. Pumpkins is back!

Saturday Night Lives immensely popular Halloween character, David C. Pumpkins, played by 10-time host Tom Hanks, is back on the show after taking a long break. Tom Hanks first originated the David S. Pumpkins persona nearly six years ago, on an episode featuring Lady Gaga as the musical guest.

In a Halloween @nbcsnl tradition, Tom Hanks returned tonight as David S. Pumpkins
Saturday Night Live, Tom Hanks

For Tom Hanks’s final sketch of the evening, he brought back the fan-favorite character, David S. Pumpkins, who first appeared in a show in 2016. It has become a Saturday Night Live tradition for the 10-time host, Tom Hanks, to make an appearance on episodes sketch comedy show Halloween episode, playing his beloved character, David S. Pumpkins.

Tom Hanks’appearance 

With great humor and epic strangeness SNL is struck high with David S. Pumpkins’ appearance, as everyone has their own theme made out for Halloween, this character of Tom Hanks is quite famous and enjoyable.

As reported by Variety, on the following Saturday Night Live, Hollywood star Tom Hanks returned to the cell block of 666 and a haunted elevator to play the beloved character David S. Pumpkins on the Halloween episode of SNL. Bobby Moynihan was more stunned that their idea for the sketch would eventually become David S. Pumpkin’s most loved and famous on Saturday Night Live, and even inspired thousands to dress as David S. Pumpkins on Halloween.

The sketch started out as a pair going to one of a hundred floors of fright rides, and although the first couple floors were the traditional scares, eventually, they crossed paths with a man wearing a costume covered with pumpkins, whose name was David S. Pumpkins. 

They are a hit and make it back to the Pumpkin Patch just in time. The storyline for its animated Halloween special is fun and fans thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the background of David Pumpkins. In short, David C. Pumpkins is kind of a mascot for Halloween, as it is one of the only holidays without any kind of Santa Claus-like or Easter Bunny-like figures.