“Saturday Night live” sets Jack Harlow with Double Duty, Host and Musical guest for the Halloween Special

SNL invited “Jack Harlow” as Musical Guest and Host 

“Saturday Night Live’s” last episode, which was on 29 October, was hosted by musician Jack Harlow, and with hosting the show jack was also invited as Musical Guest, where they played a skit on the show, where the musician also played three songs from his sophomore album “Come Home the kids Miss you”

Credit: @nbcsnl Instagram

On October 16 “Saturday Night Live” show’s social media handle posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter, of colored sticky notes with Jack Harlow’s name written on it, which was a hint of him hosting the show on Saturday 29 October, which resulted into a double duty at the show.

 Jack Harlow

Rapper, Singer and song writer,24 years old Jack Harlow started his career in 2015, he had released several mixtapes.in 2018 he was signed to Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s record Label Generation. Harlow start getting recognition from public when he released his first ever single “Routine” later, he released another music video “Dark Knight”.

Credit: @jackharlow Instagram

Lately in May, he had released his new album “Come Home the kids Miss you”, which reached on number two on Billboard Hot 100.the young rapper believes that sky is the only limit for his career’s journey.

 Jack Harlow at SNL

In the recent episode of Saturday night live, Jack Harlow played a sketch along with Tom Hanks which showed America’s Southern Culture portrayed by Hollywood. the sketch starts with a room full of stereotypically southern characters, where Harlow confess that he had an idea for a Pixar movie related to suitcases.

Jack Harlow
Credit: @nbcsnl Instagram

Tom Hanks enters the room and introduces himself, Hi I’m Tom, I’m here for a role and maybe I’m an alcoholic, to which Harlow replies, if you were a suitcase what would be your catchphrase?

Later Tom Hanks introduced Jack Harlow’s First musical performance at Saturday Night Live, where he played three songs from his new album Come Home the kids Miss you.