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Smokey Robinson Wishes Everyone A Happy Hanukkah, The Results Are Going To Leave You In Splits!

It seems like one celebrity has made a terrible mispronunciation and fans soon took to social media to notice that one pronunciation that went wrong in a way that no one imagined!

Smokey Robinson Pronounced Hanukkah A Little Bit Differently Than Expected!

Eighty-year-old singer Smokey Robinson recently wished all his fans all the pleasantries for the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah but it seems like the video where he is wishing people all the happiness took a rather unexpected turn, and it might have been a little too hilarious!

As requested by Jeff Jacobson to share his thought, Smokey Robinson wished by saying he has no idea but Cha-noo-ka is! However, he wished everyone a happy Cha-noo-ka. The video was done as Jeff explained that mom grew up on the same street as Smokey Robinson in Detroit, so he wanted to reunite them on this joyous occasion. Here’s the video of the singer, if you have seem to miss it!

The Singer Soon Reached Out For A Do-Over!

However, the video soon got a many as two million views only to realize that the pronunciation was done all wrong, so when the whole blunder was discovered, Robinson reached out to Jeff to make things right!

Jeff Jacobson did not seem to mind the blunder and later said that Robinson can pronounce it any way he damn well pleases! He went on to say how special his songs are for him and has been there with him since birth. The whole social media went crazy and the video has been reshaped several times, however, fans thought it was an adorable little blunder but the singer surely manages to  send the holiday cheer across! 

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