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Bill Gates warns people saying that we may face worst of Coronavirus in next 4 to 6 months.

Bill Gates have warned everyone against coronavirus. According to him the World is yet to face worst of COVID-19. Overall World’s COVID-19 recovery rate is not so good. Till now only 70% of the people have recovered globally. Only India (above 95%) and Peru (above 94%) have highest recovery rate all over the world. As for about USA, it is probably the badly affected by the virus.

The co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates also played a very important role in delivering COVID-19 vaccines. However, previously Tedros Adhanom also said that virus won’t leave our life so easily. In fact, Gates also did a sort of forecast that world may face such pandemic one day.

On Sunday, Gates said that he expected USA to perform better in handling the virus.

Gates said that we have not yet faced the worst of the virus. Recalling his forecast in 2015, Gates said that the virus can be more fatal. gates further added that is foundation is funding a lot of the research for the coronavirus vaccine.

United States of America has already lost more than 2,90,000 people due to COVID-19. The beds in the hospitals our already full. USA has also recorded in highest per day cases in over the world. Above all, The IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation) has also announced 200,000 additional deaths. Gates also said that keeping social distance and wearing masks would help USA to avoid such number of deaths.

Gates indirectly also said that Trump’s ability to make a decision at the time of pandemic was not appreciable. He said that USA have to help all kinds of humanity. He also told that he will take the vaccine publicly to increase the confidence in people.

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