Six year old boy feeds his Alzheimer affected Grandpa. Blissful..!!

A six-year-old boy from Virginia feeds his grandfather. His mother has made a video clip of Colton Keith. In that clip, Keith is feeding his grandfather, Franklin Fyre. Fyre is suffering from Alzheimer, so he cannot take care of himself. Not only did the six-year-old feed hi grandpa, but also asked him the taste of the food. The video is so heartwarming that nobody could stop tears after watching it.

Alzheimer is a neurodegenerative disease. It starts slowly and worsens with time. It leads to Dementia, in which patient tend to forget things. The earlier symptom might include mood swings, language problem, and trouble in remembering things. The person who has Alzheimer is dependent, as he/she cannot take care of himself.
Keith is cutting baked potato and feeding his grandpa. In the video, he also asked his grandpa if he needed some coleslaw. To which his grandpa said yes, then he has been seen keeping coleslaw on his plate. He makes sure that any piece of food is not struck around his grandpa’s mouth. He carefully cleans the spoon, before taking a fork to feed his grandpa.
Children are undoubtedly selfless. The video has been shot by Keith’s mother. According to her, this (feeding his grandpa ) is a daily routine of Keith. Keith is very kind and this is one of his many kind gestures. Nicole ( Keith’s Nother ) is constantly saying in the video, that she is so proud of her son.
Not only does Keith feed his grandpa, but also helps him in drinking water, keeping himself (Franklin) on a wheelchair and is putting his shoes. Just at a tender age of six, Keith does all these. He willingly helps anybody, whom he can. Kids are selfless and their souls are pure. There is no substitute for a child’s innocence.
This video has gone viral and whoever sees it, cannot resist tears flooding from eyes. This is such a blissful scenario. In today’s world kids are glued in front of a screen, but then we have kids like Keith, who knows what it is to be kind. His mother is so proud of him.