Shocking!! “Twilight Saga” Taylor Lautner Got Blacklisted By Hollywood?? Checkout what happened!!

Ever wondered why Taylor Lautner is not seen on the screens now? Thought of what is he doing right now? He was last seen in the Twilight Saga. Here are some reasons why Taylor Lautner doesn’t want to continue acting.

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High Price

Although he was earning a lot of money in the past, like in 2019 the estimated net worth of Taylor Lautner was the impressive $40 million! Thus, after the mind-blowing earnings from the Twilight Saga he has increased his demands. He asked for $7.5 millions for Abduction in 2011, however ended up getting $5 million. So the producers thought that he is demanding a lot of money although he was not worth it.

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Jacob with the good hair. 👀 #Twilight

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Bad choice of roles

Many people say that Lautner is very choosy about his roles. But according to us he is picking them at his own sweet will, with no prior thinking at all! However, staring in Abduction was quite logical and even in Tracers, because of Taylor’s physique and experience in martial arts, action movies was a good choice. But after these he did not think before signing any film.

Bad acting skills

Similar to his Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner was also not an experienced actor. So why “Team Edward” would still have the tolerance to see his fave in at least two films a year, and “Team Jacob” only decreases with time? According to the critics the reason of it lies in Lautner’s poor acting skills. But is it really so? Did every movie that Lautner stared in, really had a chance to become a hit without him? Well, it’s correct to think that professional acting of just one cast member, even if he is the lead, would not add to the quality of the film.

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Happy Birthday @taylorlautner! We “wolf” you! 🐺❤️ #Twilight

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