Shocking revelation by Bryan Cox: Jay-Z snatched a deal from Dupri which he had asked him to decline an year ago!

The American rapper JAY-Z’s partnership with the NFL has sparked opinions that are both for and against it. This partnership will see the rapper being the “live music entertainment strategist” for the league. In an indication by Bryan-Michael Cox, the same deal was offered by Jermaine Dupri a year ago.

Source: Complex

A twist came to the story when it was further revealed that JAY-Z himself had advised and asked Jermaine Dupri to put down the offer. This was put front by Bryan-Michael Cox himself in a radio interview on August 14th.

Cox said about the recently announced partnership that he’s not saying that it can’t turn into something good. They’re also talking about a guy who single-handedly picked up the phone and called Jermaine to tell him not to do it.

Bryan-Michael Cox also added that he wants to look at the things intelligently because he knows what all has happened before and is happening now. He said Dupri took the beating for doing the same thing but he won’t be paid as much as Jay would be.

The decision of Jay to partner with the NFL has triggered different opinions in the public forum. While some think that this can be self-serving of him, others say that changes can be brought into effect with this partnership.

Cardi-B said that Jay-Z is someone who can bring back Colin Kaepernick. She said this to TMZ and said that he has the power to do it.

The Root’s team has reached out to Dupri to know his opinions and views on it and to know how truthful Bryan-Michael Cox’s statement is. While everybody waits for Dupri’s comment, here’s something Funk Flex revealed in his tweet.

Jay-Z whose original name is Shawn Carter is an American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, producer, and record executive. Reasonable Doubt was his first studio album which was released in 1996. It has been two decades since he is considered to be a figure of pop culture and most significant cultural icon.