SHOCKING!! Owner DIED After Being Strangled by PET SNAKE, 15 feet Snake was shot to death!!

On Wednesday, when police arrived at a home in Pennsylvania, they discovered a pet snake wrapped around its owner’s neck, putting him unconscious. The snake was shot by police.

Elliot Senseman, 27, passed away on Monday in a hospital from a “anoxic brain injury,” according to a statement from the Lehigh County Coroner’s Office and Forensics Center.

According to Upper Macungie Township Police Department Lt. Peter Nickischer, the snake succumbed to its wounds.

Two police officers were dispatched, according to Nickischer, at 2:12 p.m. on Wednesday to a house in the rural Pennsylvanian community of Fogelsville, where the man apparently experienced cardiac arrest when the snake wrapped itself around his throat.

He claimed that when the police entered the home, they came across a family member who directed them to the owner, who was laying motionless and suffocated by the snake’s belly. He estimated the snake’s overall length to be at least 15 feet.

Nickischer remarked that the circumstances were severe. It was unquestionably a matter of life and death for this person.

Police, he claimed, saw the man lying across the doorway between a corridor and a chamber where the snake was staring back at them as they glanced down the hallway. According to Nickischer, a cop fired one shot, striking the snake’s head, which was farther away from the man due to the snake’s long body.

According to him, police removed the victim from the snake and into the living room, where a number of fire department and EMS personnel treated the man for injuries before taking him to the hospital.

Officers discovered two other snakes in the residence, which the man was keeping as a pet, according to Nickischer.

Upper Macungie Township police have been contacted by CNN for additional comment.