Shocking! Katie Holmes facing financial issues in the family? Is it because of her breakup with Jamie Foxx?

Life gets unfair to all. Some are laymen who struggle with their chores, while some are privileged enough to be backed by someone behind them. one such example is Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of the star Tom Cruise. Difficult to imagine such people ever facing any troubles, isn’t it? Well, if yes then you’ve guessed that marginally wrong. Even celebrities have their ends meet and it gets tough at times for them like any other individual.

What is the recent news about Katie?

We know her past with Tom, where she had to get separated from him and got the custody of their girl child. 5 and a half years into their marriage and they chose to divorce. The reason being that Holmes had to fear her daughter’s abduction from Tom. Her child is now grown older and is undergoing her education.

The two moved into a new flat in New York. Before shifting to the flat, Holmes was caught selling her two mansions for $10 million in total. Soon after this piece of news surfaced to the fans, thee were rumors of her going short pf money for which she had to take a step like that.

Although the family receives $4,00,000 annually, considering the expense of their flat and her daughter’s education, that amount might have been insufficient which took her to take such a drastic step. Although only a postulate, nothing has been confirmed from Holme’s end regarding the issue as she remains busy at settling her new life and finding her daughter’s education.

Never the less, her personal expenses that include the expensive dresses that she buys and discards are something that she has been delved into and finds it tough to overcome from it and that adds on to the financial problem the family now faces. A trade-off that is meant for the good of the two, whether luxury is as important as survival and education of the young minds of one’s home.