Better Call Saul season 6: You get a chance to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul one last time before bidding farewell.

‘Who is Saul Goodman?’ a question that not only me but everyone else has on their minds at this moment, after season 5 of Better Call Saul got over. Jimmy McGill had slowly evolved into the Saul that we all know now. However, why? A question that haunts every viewer that also brings about the need to introduce another season of the series. First aired in 205 and the latest one is 2020, the series has none the less gained wide skeptics worldwide and viewers from a varied age group.

Latest updates on the 6th season?

The 6th season was decided to air in 2021, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it might get delayed a bit. Not assuring the date yet, the season will more or less release during the same time with a difference of a few months. The show will continue featuring several stars from the previous seasons.

In a recent Instagram live video, Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul answered the common queries that the fans have been pinging them over various social media sites. The main attraction for fans remains to know whether Jess or Walt, characters from the series will be returning to which they turned the mystery into a declaration that they have been requesting Vince enough about their attraction towards the series and added by saying that they thought they weren’t loved by Vince anymore.

That lead fans into a confused state where they thought that there was no chance they were going to return, however, inside news say that they will return to the 6th season for the last time. Their fans can now have a sigh of relief as they will be returning to the season, however, for the last time. Wait until a miracle happens and they get to have a pair for longer than decided. Anything can be possible with the public demand and that’s enough a reason for them to support their favorite stars.