SHOCKING: Hugh Jackman knew a lot about Anne Hathaway which no one did! Check it out.

Hugh Jackman first met Anne Hathaway in the Academy Awards 2009. He himself was the host of the function. However, the development of friendship between them started in 2012 when both were coactors in Les Misérables. The show was super successful. It got Hugh an Oscar nomination for his role whereas, Anne got an Oscar for the best supporting actress.

She was really happy when she met Raffaello Follieri. Anne was on cloud nine thinking that she has finally got her Prince Charming. Since her childhood Anne hasn’t been much close to many people. She was a shy and insecure kinda girl. Moreover, there were times when she disliked her own self. She always tried to forget her pains through acting. But when she met Raffaello she trusted him and saw him as her true partner. Hardly did she have an idea that her Prince Charming is a conman.

It was a completely life changing and devastating situation for the actress. She wasn’t able to believe the incidents that were going on. The most shocking part was that although she was an Oscar winning actress she got so much angry scrutiny. Reason behind this is just not understandable because she is such a gorgeous lady.

The actress has already faced so many problems in her life and there was one more to add to her problem. And this time her whole love life was built on a lie. It was in 2008 that her boyfriend got arrested for cheating the investors and taking millions of money from them. However, this happened to be after their break up.

There’s always a bright side to everything that happens. After suffering for so many years finally she met Jackman and he helped her out of everything she was facing. The man taught her to love herself and don’t concentrate on what other people think of her. This finally changed Anne’s life.