SHOCKING!! Due to Mental health issue, Amber Portwood lost custody of her son James, 4 ??

Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood lost custody of Son James to ex-boyfriend and Jack’s father Andrew Glennon.

On Tuesday, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood took to social media to share a raw and heartbreaking statement following the devastating loss of her son James to ex-Andrew Glennon. “My heart is broken into a million pieces,” she wrote. “My soul feels shattered. I am lost.” Portwood went on to say that she is “broken” and “absolutely destroyed” by the loss of her son, whom she described as “the absolute light of [her] life.”

She closed her statement with a plea for privacy during this difficult time. “Please respect [her] privacy as [she] process[es] this most tragic loss,” she wrote. Portwood’s statement comes just one day after news broke that Glennon had filed for emergency custody of their son, citing concerns for his safety in Portwood’s care. A judge granted Glennon’s request, and James was taken from Portwood’s home on Monday night. He is currently in the care of his father.

Amber Portwood and her struggle with Drugs

Although I’ve always been open about my past drug use and mental health problems, I believe that everyone deserves a second opportunity and shouldn’t be bound by their mistakes from the past. Amber went on to say that she should be allowed to let the past go after mentioning her troubles in the past.

“People shouldn’t continue to be penalized for their misdeeds after going through treatment, taking classes, and making an effort to change. I spent years repairing my relationships and fulfilled all the requirements, which included passing 21 drug tests with a clean record and numerous psychological assessments. Amber’s speech then took a tragic turn as she shared her most private feelings after the court defeat.

Keep moving forward as I’ll [sic] and never stop fighting for my children, who I love more than anything, even if your road hasn’t been easy but you’ve fought hard to become a better, more dependable, and compassionate person today, she said as she put the statement’s final words in. “I’ve spent a lot of time trying to prove myself while living in a nightmare. I wouldn’t want any parent to experience this excruciating suffering.

How Amber Portwood lost custody of her Son

After Amber was detained for a domestic disturbance in 2019, she lost custody. In order to prevent Andrew from “interfering with the parenting time,” she was later granted a restraining order in 2021. He has the chance to relocate Jack from Indiana to Malibu, California, thanks to the existing order. Additionally, it gives Andrew complete physical and legal custody of their child.

Amber’s support system

Amber’s fans showed up in droves to support her in the comments section of her latest post. Many were quick to share words of encouragement, telling her that she is not alone and praising her for her strength. Others shared their own stories of overcoming hardships, hoping that Amber would find inspiration in their experiences. Still, others simply offered a few kind words, letting her know that they are thinking of her and wishing her the best. It was clear that Amber’s fans are fiercely loyal and deeply invested in her well-being.