Several Celebs Gives A Fitting Reply To Candace Owens’ Criticism Of Harry Styles’ Vogue Covershoot!

The whole Harry Styles Vogue photoshoot has unleashed a big controversy as Candace Owens has to backlash the shoot and penned down a tweet demanding to bring back manly men.

Several Celebs Are Jumping In And Supporting Harry Styles For His Newest Photoshoot!

After Co-star Olivia Wilde defended Harry Styles and called out Owens and stated that she is pathetic. She even praised Harry Styles’ for his confidence. Now, several other celebs have also jumped in Harry Styles’ support and pointed out how problematic Candace Owens’ statement was. Here’s what Jameela Jamie has to say about the whole cover-shoot.

Jameela Jamil, who has often raised her voice on body positivity issues and is an activist herself, praised Harry Styles and said that he is plenty manly, because manly is whatever you want it to be. Apart from Jameela Jamil, even Zach Braff supported the photoshoot and the idea behind it. He said that all their lives, they are told that men need to be manly. Life is short, so we would be whatever we want. Here’s what Zack Braff tweeted in response to the whole controversy.

Jameela Jamil Praises Harry Styles As Plenty Manly!

Several celebs and fans are supporting the idea behind the photoshoot. However, Candace Owens is staying firm to her words and she even made another tweet and images of some iconic men in dresses while stating that she is impervious to woke culture.

Owens went to say that these examples are not enough to justify the whole issue. This tweets have unleashed a whole new debate with several known ones jumping in the singer’s support as he created history with this one of a kind cover- shoot.