Selena Gomez’s Dream Comes True! The Singer thanks Shark Tank crew for being being so kind, funny and genuine!

Selena Gomez recently got the biggest birthday surprise from her friends. The songstress celebrates her birthday on 22nd July. For this year’s gift, two of her friends took advantage of her Shark Tank obsession for the ultimate present. Yes, many of you may not know, but Selena Gomez loves the ABC show Shark Tank. And now she gets to be on it!

In a video posted on her Instagram, we see the exact moment she gets her surprise present. Her friends show her a video compilation of clips from The Office, Friends and even bestie Taylor Swift. Taylor says ‘Are you ready for it?’ and then the video goes to Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban wishing her a happy 27th birthday. Selena can be seen squealing happily in the clip at his appearance.

But the big surprise hasn’t come yet. In a Shark Tank poster edited with Selena’s face, Shark Tank x SG is written. Selena then gets to know from her friend that she is going to be on the show in September.

And the Bad Liar hitmaker has the most adorable reaction! She excitedly jumps off the couch at the news with the biggest smile on her face.

And now she has fulfilled her Shark Tank dreams! Selena recently shared her experience on the set through Instagram. With a ton of backstage Insta stories and pictures, you could see how much she loved the experience. She even posted a series of photos with a sweet message for the show members.

She thanked the crew of Shark Tank for “being so kind, funny and genuine.” It is definitely great to see her so happy again. After a hard time dealing with Lupus and then a kidney transplant, she deserves all this positivity. Her friends win the best gift-giver award for sure!