New love bird in Town Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato are taking it slow: Johnson says she is the only woman he is talking to right now!

Cupid does exist! And Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson shippers will surely agree. This love story is just getting started, and it is already melting our hearts. The story started when the popular singer-songwriter took to Instagram to express her crush for the Bachelorette contestant. And that connection did not just stay in the virtual world. This story moved to the real world soon. Mike had an interview with the E! News recently, and he has all good things to say about Demi.

Mike says that the couple is taking it slow for now. He is getting to know her and thinks she is a fantastic person. He also mentioned that he didn’t want any sort of pressure on her or on himself. They are talking and hanging out privately, and it seems he is really enjoying getting to know her gradually, and that is just about it. The E! News also asked him if he is seeing any other woman. And his reply made the shippers go all “awwwwww.”

Mike Johnson replied that he was seeing only Demi right now and apparently he has eyes for only her. He says Demi is the only woman he is talking to, and he is really enjoying her company. Isn’t he the dream guy all of us wants? Yassss! Fans are hoping things to work out smoothly between them because they are JUST SO CUTE TOGETHER. And the fans certainly don’t care about the pressure. We just want the love to bloom.

And when the E! News asked Mike about not being picked for the Bachelor, he was the gentleman everyone expected him to be. He said he didn’t have any hard feelings for Peter and even praised him. He said Peter deserved it and he knew God had other plans for him. For now, he is happy with whatever is going on in his life.

Of course, he is! Who won’t be happy dating a gorgeous superstar? We are just waiting for more feed from them that makes us go mushy mushy.