Selena Gomez surprises Fans with Bold New Songs!!! Going by the lyrics, it looks like the singer is Hell Bent To Move On From Her Past Relationship With Justin Bieber…

Just a day after releasing her emotional ballad ‘Lose You to Love Me’ popstar Selena Gomez surprised her fans again on Wednesday, 23rd October. The singer released a new song with a very colorful, confident music video to go along with it.

It seems like the new track ‘Look At Her Now’ also explores the same themes of moving on from a failed love, except for, the lyrics of the new track are seemingly written in third-person with a much higher-energy vibe.

Fans conjectured that Selena’s previous track ‘Lose You to Love Me’ actually referred to her past relationship with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber (who recently had a public wedding with Hailey Baldwin). Now again in this new track, fans are likely going to hear more of the same theme, only instead of lamenting about the pain of needing to move on in the name of self-love, ‘Look At Her Now’ tries to explore the confidence that can be regained when you find yourself after a split.

“Of course she was sad, but now she’s glad, she dodged a bullet,” Selena sings in the new tune. “It took a few years to soak up the tears, but look at her now.”

While the music video for ‘Lose You to Love Me’ was in black-and-white, coming to terms with things by herself, the new video is more colorful. Also, Selena is not alone in this video, she is surrounded by similarly styled back-up dancers.

Selena shared a post on Twitter to thank her fans for their love and support to ‘Lose You To Love Me’. And as a token of gratitude, offered her new video ‘Look At Her Now’ to her fans.