Selena Gomez speaks about her interest in dating! Does she want to date anyone?

People have a keen eye on the stars from Hollywood that are famous and who they have stardom for. Actros/actresses have to face a lot of gaze from people around, be it their fans or not, everyone has something or the other to look for in the lives of celebrities as they consider those celebrities as their stars and have things to look after in their lives for.

Celebrities know what it is to live a life that isn’t secretive, but rather more transparent as all the media houses, as well as fans, have their eyes laid on the mundanes of those celebrities and have things to look up to other than caring for what their fans think. At times, fans cross the line and keep looking into the lives of the celebrities and keep themselves updated about what things are going on in their lives and what could possibly take place in the future.

At times celebrities make a bold move since diplomatic ways of answering or hiding and twisting facts doesn’t work all the time, after all they are humans too and need some time away from the fame and stardom that they have to go through their entire lives.

What was the recent claim made by a star that took the limelight?

Selena Gomez is single from a long time, having alleged of dating some costars, she had to refute the same and live a private life since she has had her share of stories where she had pasts with her ex’s who ditched her despite her having feelings for them, one of the most famous being her breakup with Justin Bieber. She finally said that she has no interest in dating anyone at all.