Emma Roberts is really taking her selfie game to new heights with her adorable baby bump! Check it out.

People that are active on social media like to see good and keep their followers and fans updated. Celebrities want to keep their followers updated about life and keep posting pictures and videos. From fashion to daily routines, everyone has things to do and some keep their followers updated about their lives, however, not all like the same, and on the other hand, some of the people do like it.


There are aspects that people want to share, from being daily workouts or the daily recipe that they plan on making. Photos are having a battle on social media ever since the lockdown has started. However, there are people who see in depth of everything that their famous and favorite personalities share. There are photos that get more likes, some get hate from their followers or the fans indulge in the online beef that their celebrities indulge in. celebrities are known for their ideal body and the ideal pictures that they take post their work.


What took the limelight on social media?

It is common for celebrities to post their pictures, however, some pictures take more attention than the others that float on the social media by the celebrities indulged in the entertainment industry. Emma Robert is seen on fleak on social media and her regular posts on social media are evidence to the same. Her selfies are seen more than just updates of her daily lives, but also beyond that. Her selfies are seen as attractive by people who follow her and with an increase in activities in life, her fans have become as active as her on the same. Not only her figure, but her overall personality is the talk of the town by her fans and followers.

Emma Roberts shows off her baby bump as she poses in front of a mirror
picture: glamour