Selena Gomez Has Thanked Jennifer Aniston For Helping Her Through Her Mental Recovery after Justin Bieber breakup! Check out for more details.

It is no new news about how heartbroken Selena Gomez was after her controversial breakup with on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber. However, the singing sensation has gone on record as revealed that a certain celebrity has helped her come out of that dark phase in her life.

Jennifer Aniston Helped Selena Gomez When She Was Subjected To Emotional Abuse! There’s What We Know.

Apparently, Friends star Jennifer Aniston not only helped Selena but also gave her some motherly advice when the singer was pretty much devastated after Justin Bieber’s engagement with Hailey Baldwin.

The singer has further praised Aniston by saying she is an amazing person and how she was there for her when she suffered in from Lupus and when she was subjected to emotional abuse as well. Jennifer Aniston herself went through a devastating divorce with former husband Brad Pitt and she left all that behind only to become the iconic actress that she is today!

The Singing Sensation Has Hugely Benefitted From Aniston’s Motherly Advice.

Even in an exclusive interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez talked about how she is a huge fan of Aniston and even the show Friends as well. It was a total fangirl for Gomez when they met each other. Selena Gomez is hugely infected to Aniston for her constant support and encouragement when everything was pretty much falling apart.

The two has been on the same path and hot their heartbroken at a young age. It is no surprise that how Aniston helped her to realize that she need no man to be happy and after that Selena jumped back with so many hit music tracks one after the other. Well, we sure do love Jennifer Aniston!