Sarah Hyland Big Secret EXPOSED!!! Here is what she was trying to hide from the whole world!

Sarah Hyland was a known face in the acting world right from a very young age, the Modern Family star rose to fame soon after her character as Haley received an overwhelming response from fans. However,  the actress once went through a dark phase in life and tried to conceal it from the outer world.

What Was The Big Secret That Modern Family Star Sarah Hyland Was Hiding From The World? Here’s What We Know.

However, unlike her reel life character, Hyland’s life was not always a smooth sail as it appeared to be. The actress apparently had tried to hide a big secret about herself fell the world for a long long time.

The actress was sick and was suffering from a severe case of endometriosis. She was going through a case of kidney failure as well. Moreover, Sarah’s was going through a bad phase when she was verbally abused by her boyfriend Matt Prokop.

The Actress Even Considered Suicide As An Option In Her Life.

Things were so bad for the actress that she actually revealed in an exclusive interview about her even considered suicide as an option as well. She said that she was quite close to doing it. However, things change when she actually thought of talking to people aloud about her ongoing issues and decided to go to a therapist. That is when she started to see things through a whole new perspective!

Sarah’s on-screen mother Julie Bowen has helped her immensely through all this and Sarah has gone on record and said that Bowen is almost like a second mother to her. Bowen helped Sarah come out of the abusive relationship which was affecting her hugely.